• Tue
    10-11 June 2019Madrid

    IOT4Win project first training workshop was held in ACING at Madrid Spain on 10 -11 June 2019. Three recruited ESRs  gave the presentations of  their individual projects  related to each Work Package in IOT4Win. Staff from BCU and our industrial partners with ESRs discussed related research issues on heterogenous device connectivity in IoT environment and interoperability framework, security in cyber physical system for smart water system

  • Tue
    Singular logic ,Athens, Greece.

    2-3 July Athens Greece

    Midterm check meeting in July 2019 was held in Singular logic Athens Greece, Project officer from EU commission present general rule of H2020-MSCA–ITN. Prof Wu from BCU as project coordinator overviewed the progress so far from ESR recruitment, Supervision support and scientific and Technology progress. ESR1 and ESR3 from BCU and ESR2 from SLG-GR presented their research proposal and progress so far. Dr Rizou from SLG-GR gave the update about grant amendment and ESR2 recruitment. Dr Romano from United Utilities gave the feedback to all ESRs. Detail plan for future  events and secondment have discussed. The project officer gave the comments to consortium and ESRs in order to prepare the midterm technical and financial report
    in February 2020.



  • Tue
    Brussels, Belgium.

    10-11 December 2019 at Belgium

    Professor Wenyan Wu presented IOT4Win project in the EU commission organized the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions Artificial Intelligence cluster meeting 10-11 December 2019 at Belgium. Prof Wenyan Wu was invited to be Environmental Panel for discussion of Artificial Intelligence and Green Deal call.